2013 to 2014

In 2013 my second favorite thing was Christmas. Last years Christmas was awesome because I got everything I wanted and a little bit more. Christmas is always special to me because we get to celebrate the lord’s birth. hen my favorite thing of the whole year was when my sister moved back in. I was excited she came because she had my two nieces and my nefew.I love to play with them they are a lot of fun in general.2013 was a great year for me.
Aside from 2013 I’m going tell you about 2014 my goals .The two resolutions are to be more responsible and to be respectful.One thing I’d like to stopĀ  is eating junkfood.I would like to learn how to play cricket.I would like to read these books: Hunger Games Catching Fire, The new Diary of a Wimpy Kid, How to Survive the Hunger Games, and a book about shark history.2013 was a great year but I’m coming to 2014.

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