James the 1st
A bunch of money was raised from selling tobacco
Many settlers died
Sickness was passed on
Official first permanent colony
Winters were brutal
North America

If I had to choose between Jamestown or Plymouth I would choose Jamestown. I would choose this colony because they got rich from selling tobacco. Even though more than half of Jamestown died, but if I didn’t have to choose I would chose neither. What colony would you choose?

Explorer Gazette


In 1611 Henry Hudson was a explorer searching for a northwest passage way that was never there. Hudson find a passage way that was 450 feet long. When winter came the ship froze into ice. On June 1611 Summer sets in and the ship thaws out. Hudson travels farther through the passage way until his crew notices they weren’t going home. His crew puts him and his family on a little ship ,and never heard of again. I think the ship could have tipped and the Hudson family was eaten by sea creatures.

Should Every kid Get A Trophy?


Every kid doesn’t deserve a trophy because they didn’t do anything to get it.Most people would not do their work,chores,etc.Many kids and adults would not admit mistakes or what they’re guilty for.There are many positives,but more negatives if every person had a trophy.If everyone had a trophy it would be fair,but I think everyone should earn it.

A Paradise Called Texas and Willow Creek Home

We have been reading some books in my reading class called A Paradise Called Texas and Willow Creek Home. In these books the Jordan’s family goes through many trials. These are some characters from the book Mina, Opa, Papa, Mama, and Lisette. My favorite part from this book is when Mina gets captured by a indian then spits in his face but she still is wounded pretty badly. these books are great! Try and read these books to find out more.   =]

Hot Air Balloon Lesson


These are some things I learned in a hot air balloon lesson. Hot air rises the envelope/balloon. Cold air lowers the balloon. I also learned that there is an air valve connecting to a rope that  lets the cold air out. The hotter the tempature is the more heat you need. The more people you have in the basket the more you ignite the gas.

Water Conservation

We should save water for survival.  If we all save water because it is limited,we will have plenty of  water to drink. First we must use water carefully at home. Start by tuning the faucet off when brushing your teeth. Also you can take showers instead of baths because you waste about 70 gallons of water taking a bath. Next,you can use a bucket for watering the lawn instead of using a hose. Also you can give it to your pets ,so they don’t die of thirst. Finely, you don’t need to use a toilet as a trash can. Saving water is helpful for our survival.

The Best Gift

The best gift I have given was a red lawnmower. My Dad was very proud of me.  He said it was the best birthday present ever! From now on every twice a week he uses it. I gave him the lawnmower because his other one broke,and he begged and begged for a new lawnmower.

Row Your Site

Anteaters dig their noses underground to find ants. Anteaters eat ground ants,termites,fruit,larvae. They are endangered because loss of habitat. Their tounges are sticky to gather ants. Have you ever seen an Anteater?  Picture and information from facts4me.com