Swallowing Stones Book Review

Swallowing Stones by Joyce Mcdonald

Book Review by Michael Bort


Swallowing Stones a book by Joyce Mcdonald is about a boy who fires a gun while having a little fun on his birthday, little did he know that bullet came from the sky and killed a man.

My favorite part about this book is the swapping of the characters between chapters, for example, chapters one, two, and three will be about Michael and the next would be about Jenna. This story has one of my pet peeves which is leaving the end of the book on a hanger and not knowing what happens next.

The novel is very relatable at times, especially when Michael is struggling with the guilt of accidentally killing someone. His symbolism of Swallowing the Stone makes you realize you may have to take a chance and receive the consequence that comes after.

This book even gets fantasizing and confusing at times with the dreams and the Ghost Tree which is something I like, trying to figure out what is going on.

9/11 Memorial and Museum

September 11, 2001 al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked a plane and crashed into the world trade center. I wish we could take a trip to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. I’m really interested in 9/11 history.

I think this trip would be very educational. Nonetheless it teaches us about our history. Of course we would learn how we regrouped and became stronger than ever. But the main event would be the speeches.

I think this trip would be very interesting for most people. Some would want to see the items that were left behind in the disasters. It is also incredible to see the super human survivors of 9/11. Finally who wouldn’t want some souvenirs?

I believe that this trip would be very educational and informational. This a trip we should go on.


Day Off

Day Off


It was cold

The crunches of snow made me cringe

The frostbite in my toes

By the fire

And hot cocoa


The sky is dim and gray

alot of kids

are at play


making snowmans

with bare hands

that day is

the definition of



President Poem

Franklin D. Roosevelt was born on Jan.30 1882
Franklin D. Roosevelt was his full name
Franklin lived in Hudson Valley
Elected in 1933
Franklin Roosevelt
The 32nd Pesident
Franklin served for 12 years
He served  the longest as a president
President Roosevelt defeated President Hoover one year

2013 to 2014

In 2013 my second favorite thing was Christmas. Last years Christmas was awesome because I got everything I wanted and a little bit more. Christmas is always special to me because we get to celebrate the lord’s birth. hen my favorite thing of the whole year was when my sister moved back in. I was excited she came because she had my two nieces and my nefew.I love to play with them they are a lot of fun in general.2013 was a great year for me.
Aside from 2013 I’m going tell you about 2014 my goals .The two resolutions are to be more responsible and to be respectful.One thing I’d like to stop  is eating junkfood.I would like to learn how to play cricket.I would like to read these books: Hunger Games Catching Fire, The new Diary of a Wimpy Kid, How to Survive the Hunger Games, and a book about shark history.2013 was a great year but I’m coming to 2014.

Pearl Harbor Poem

President Roosevelt
Emory Davis and Albert Baugh were heroes
All these ships were sunk, USS Arizona, Oklahoma, California, and USS West Virginia
Roosevelt said “It was a day of infamy”
Lots of soldiers died
Harbor attack caused World War II
At 8:00 am Japan attacked Pearl Harbor
Roosevelt died during the war
Boats were used to flee the attack
Our memorial is above the USS Arizona
Rememberance day December 7, 1941

Explorer Gazette


In 1611 Henry Hudson was a explorer searching for a northwest passage way that was never there. Hudson find a passage way that was 450 feet long. When winter came the ship froze into ice. On June 1611 Summer sets in and the ship thaws out. Hudson travels farther through the passage way until his crew notices they weren’t going home. His crew puts him and his family on a little ship ,and never heard of again. I think the ship could have tipped and the Hudson family was eaten by sea creatures.

Should Every kid Get A Trophy?


Every kid doesn’t deserve a trophy because they didn’t do anything to get it.Most people would not do their work,chores,etc.Many kids and adults would not admit mistakes or what they’re guilty for.There are many positives,but more negatives if every person had a trophy.If everyone had a trophy it would be fair,but I think everyone should earn it.