My Favorite Person

He is an amazing man he will do anything for his family and others. I strongly admire my dad. He is always there for me. He is caring, kind we have an unbreakable relationship.

My dad is very caring. Of course he helps me with anything at anytime.My dad comes immediately when i need him.for years he has delt with my problems and still loves me. Fortunately he buys my food and cooks when i’m hungry Sometimes he will do anything in his power to help me. My dad is always there for me. As soon as soon as I get hurt he is right there.

My dad picks me up when i’m down and keeps everyone in a good mood. My father is amazing, he is always there for me. I do not know what I would do without him.

Family Comes First

Mmm, slurp are the sounds of a delicious chocolate cake being eaten. Pop! Is the sound of my new paintball gun. ” Finally my 11th Birthday.” I yelled.

When I arrived at my grandmothers we sat down to eat a scrumptious lunch. After lunch I glanced at my presents it was so tempting to tear them all open. I sat down in my favorite chair and got handed a birthday card that said ”Happy 11th Birthday.” It had 10 dollars in it. Then I opened a medium sized present that had hello kitty wrapping paper. When I ripped it open I saw it was a new paintball gun with yellow bullets. After that my mom told me to come outside. As we were walking I dazed at a brand new bike. I was so excited to ride it.

After all the presents were gone we got in the car and headed home . I didn’t have the most expensive cake, best presents, or biggest party but I had family.