Family Comes First

Mmm, slurp are the sounds of a delicious chocolate cake being eaten. Pop! Is the sound of my new paintball gun. ” Finally my 11th Birthday.” I yelled.

When I arrived at my grandmothers we sat down to eat a scrumptious lunch. After lunch I glanced at my presents it was so tempting to tear them all open. I sat down in my favorite chair and got handed a birthday card that said ”Happy 11th Birthday.” It had 10 dollars in it. Then I opened a medium sized present that had hello kitty wrapping paper. When I ripped it open I saw it was a new paintball gun with yellow bullets. After that my mom told me to come outside. As we were walking I dazed at a brand new bike. I was so excited to ride it.

After all the presents were gone we got in the car and headed home . I didn’t have the most expensive cake, best presents, or biggest party but I had family.

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